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“After My parents died, I moved in with my oldest brother and sister in-law. Sadly, they were unable to continue paying for my medical treatment and that’s when I moved in to the Sunflower Orphanage. I like reading books, listening to music, and studying computer science. I dream of becoming a psychologist.”


Sim Srey Han

Srey Neath

“At first I was living with my grandmother but because of my illness I could not stay living with them. Sometimes I dream of going back to see my family, but they are not accepting of my illness. I like going to school, watching TV, reading, and drawing. I like when visitors come to stay and I hope many more come. I dream of having my own flower shop.”


“Both of my parents died from HIV/AIDS, as well as my 3 year old brother. Once this happened, I moved

with my grandmother and grandfather. They did not know how to take care of me and could not afford

to do so. They decided that it would be best for me to live with other children that feel the same way as

I do and that is when I came to Sunflower. I like to go to school, read books, and playing games. My

favorite is called Load Kao Sou (traditional Khmer game). I like having visitors come to our centre and

hope more people will come to visit. In the future I would like to be a computer teacher.”

“After my parents passed away from HIV/AIDS, I moved with my oldest brother and other relatives. My

family could not take care of me because of the severity of my symptoms that I had from my disease.

That is when they send me to Sunflower, here I can be looked after and have regular medical attention. I

like dancing, listening to music, and painting and in the future I would like to be a translator.”



“I don’t remember my parents because they both died from HIV/AIDS when I was very little. I lived with

my grandmother until I was three years old, but since she was unable to support me, she sent me to live

with my new family at Sunflower. I like going to school, to sing, draw and my favorite games are

volleyball and soccer. In the future I would like to be a tour guide. “

“Both of my parents died from HIV/AIDS and because of it, I had to move with me aunt and uncle. There

is a lot of misunderstanding in regards to HIV; because of it I was treated really badly at their community

and my aunt and uncle did not want to take care of me anymore. That’s when I moved to Sunflower. I

am really happy here because I live with other children that understand my illness and we are a big

family. I like to watch TV, dancing, swimming at the beach and having people come to visit the centre. In

the future I would like to be a cashier. “

Srey Lak